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Bio and Organic increase in Belgian retail

The Belgian retail trade wants to increase the number of green (environmentally-friendly) or sustainable products on shelves in Belgian supermarkets. Bio and Organic food is becoming more popular all over Europe despite economic slowdown.

The bio products sector has just signed a special agreement on this matter with Belgian Consumer Minister Paul Magnette. All major retailers signed up to the deal, which according to Magnette should very much shape up the market and improve environmental behavior of Belgian consumers.

The retail chains  committed to increase the number of sustainable products and bio food on offer by 2012. The drive should help consumers in their search for environmentally friendly products and bio and organic food  in the Belgian stores.

The agreement reached between producers and retailers is a framework  while more detailed agreements per sector such as an accord on detergents and washing powder are expected to be negotiated next year.

The Consumer Minister says that it’s important that consumers find a large range of environmentally-friendly green products and organic food: “Ecological products need to escape their niche market and be available for all.”

Belgian consumers continue to increase their awareness and commitment to more sustainable lifestyle becoming more environment-minded and healthy food oriented.